Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Political Irony Photo of the Day

Lynching the Confederate Battle Flag...hmm...while I appreciate the rich irony, I want lynchings of all kinds to end. (So I'm not posting the photo, only linking to it.) I think that flag represents a lot of ugly things: slavery, racism, ethnic violence, treason and rebellion on behalf of those things, and pathetic nostalgia for those things. (In V. S. Naipaul's Turn in the South, he draws a parallel between Confederate nostalgia and Shiite fetishization of their defeat in the early Islamic schism. I found it pretty convincing.) Rather than lynch the Confederate Battle Flag, I think we should rather hold a funeral service for it, cremate it, bury it, and then get on with the business of fixing and improving our country. But I guess for a lot of people, that flag represents something still living, so a funeral would be premature, and burning it would be some kind of sacrilege.

According to the post that goes along with the photo, it is illegal to publicly desecrate the Confederate Battle Flag in Florida. Is this true? I can't imagine that this would pass Constitutional muster. If you can burn the US flag, why can't you burn the Confederate flag? Not that I recommend doing either.


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