Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bwahahaha! McCain MySpace page LEGALLY hacked

This is too frickin' hilarious to pass up:

Visitors to Sen. John McCain's MySpace page were likely surprised Tuesday by a statement that the Senator has reversed his position on gay marriage and "come out in full support of gay marriage ... particularly marriage between passionate females." Most won't be surprised that the statement was apparently posted as a prank.

The co-founder of an online news site, who said he designed the MySpace template used for McCain's page, claimed responsibility for changing the site. Mike Davidson, cofounder of Newsvine, said on his Web site that he commandeered the MySpace page because McCain's office used a design template of his without providing him credit. Davidson also said his imagery was used on the page and his server is used serve up McCain's MySpace images.

Here are before and after pics (from LunkHead on Kos):

Let this be a lesson to website makers everywhere: Don't "hotlink" images from other sites, because 1) it forces their server to serve up images for your site, eating up their bandwidth, and 2) by changing the image on their server, they can change the image your site displays, potentially causing much embarrassment, as the McCain campaign recently discovered. The proper thing to do is to download the image from the other site, and then upload it to your site with a "credit" link back to the previous site. Or upload it to a photobucket-like site that is prepared to spend a lot of bandwidth serving images, and hotlink to it there.


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