Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Obama draws huge crowds

(Photo stolen from here.)

Obama drew an enormous crowd at his Oakland appearance:Democratic Presidential candidate
Senator Barack Obama spoke in Oakland Saturday before a crowd of at least 10,000 that whooped and hollered like you usually only hear in the final days of a winning campaign for President.

Not only was the crowd huge for this stage of the Presidential campaign, it was also made up of a diverse blend of all races, ages, and walks of life. There was a tilt towards the young--voters in their 20's, many of whom had not been all that active in politics. Some for sure came out of curiosity, but many expressed their feeling that Obama is a different kind of candidate and told me they want to get involved in his campaign.


10,000 people showing up to see Obama in March of '07 means...something. Not just about Obama (though about him, too), but about the willingness of large numbers of people to show up for a political rally. Something's up.


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