Friday, March 30, 2007

A glimpse into the other reality...

Following this link from Sullivan, I found myself deep in the conservative blogosphere at the National Review Online (NRO). I don't normally venture this deep into Right Blogistan (but I do keep track of what they're talking about via the Blogometer), so ending up on Mark Levin's blog gave me a glimpse into a world I don't normally inhabit. This statement in particular (made in the context of belittling the Gonzales scandal) jumped out at me:
When Reno sent armed federal agents to snatch Elian Gonzalez from his relatives and hand him to Fidel Castro's thugs, the Democrat didn't criticize her.
Um, Mr. Levin, Elian Gonzalez was not handed over to "Fidel Castro's thugs". He was handed over to his own father. While you may side with those who think his Florida relatives should have been allowed to keep him (I don't--both legally and morally it seems to me that a 6-year-old belongs with his parent), characterizing the conflict in this way seems to betray an extremely warped sense of reality.


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