Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kos supports de facto Feb 5 national primary

Kos is in favor of the development of every state pushing up their primary to Feb 5th. His reasons:
  1. "Candidates are being seen outside of NH and IA."...
  2. "It encourages people-powered candidates."...
  3. "Yes, this calendar will cost a lot of money, but if a candidate can't raise money, do we really want him or her as our nominee against the GOP money juggernaut?"...
  4. "This one is the cherry on top -- it's driving Iowa and New Hampshire crazy. The two states might have to find an alternate identity beyond "we hold the presidential candidates hostage for a year.""
I don't know if a national primary is the best way to correct it, but there's absolutely no reason that frickin' Iowa and New Hampshire should be entitled to wield the power they do. That has always struck me as downright silly.


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