Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another retroactive Republican critic

There seems to be a pattern: Upon leaving the Bush administration, a Republican stooge voices trenchant criticisms of that administration completely at odds with their previous water-carrying behavior. It makes one wonder why the hell they didn't do anything when they were in a position to do so. Colin Powell is the prime example of this, but Alan Greenspan seems to have joined the ranks. Why didn't he come out against Republican fiscal recklessness when he was Chair of the frickin' Federal Reserve? I seem to recall him giving his stamp of approval to Bush' giveaway to the rich, despite the fact that the deficit was growing and we were fighting two wars. (We still are, by the way. How's Afghanistan going? Not so well I hear.)

Update: Hey, Sullivan agrees with me:
I await the right-wing blogosphere's description of Alan Greenspan as a convert to leftism because he has recognized the fiscal policies of Bush and Cheney for what they are and were. The arguments made in my book, The Conservative Soul, have not gone away. It is good to see more and more fiscal conservatives prepared to say how far astray the GOP has wandered. I guess it's a little too much to ask that they might have said it at a time when it could have made, you know, a difference.


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