Sunday, September 23, 2007

No money for Democrats

By the way, I'm no longer giving money to the Democratic party or most individual Democratic candidates. (I'll make an exception for those like Pete Stark (D-CA) who don't shit on the party's activist base.) I'm only giving to activist groups that actually fight for what I believe in. The last several months have been mostly a disappointment, as far as what Democrats have done.

I know the Democrats have narrow majorities and limited ability to deal with the Bush administration. But they haven't even been using the weapons they do have (subpoena power, the power of the purse, etc.). I understand it's very hard for a politician to fight for something unpopular. But we're not asking you to do that. We are asking you to stop an incredibly unpopular war and to oppose a president and Republican party whose poll ratings are wallowing in the gutter, and have been for some time. There's really no excuse for weaseling out of that.

So Democrats, if you want my money, you're going to have to go begging to and the like because that's whose going to be getting it until I see some changes in behavior.


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