Tuesday, September 11, 2007

For a minute I thought Google Adsense was feeding me ads for prostitutes

When this ad appeared on my blog, I did a double-take:

My first thought was: I don't think enough prominent Republicans read my blog to make advertising prostitutes here an optimal choice. And if you're getting them for "<4$ a day", I shudder to think of the quality of the rentals and working conditions they must endure to enable such rock-bottom pricing. And how come they have "men" (plural) for rent but only one "woman"? Is the woman there as a token so closeted Republican politicians can tell themselves that they're not contacting an all-male escort service?

Unfortunately, my agreement with Google AdSense prevented me from clicking on my own ads to investigate them, lest I try to game the click-through counters to inflate my ad revenue.
But upon further inspection it's clear that this is an ad for a jewelry rental service. Why Google AdSense's algorithm thinks Internal Monologue readers would be interested in "surging" their
bling I have no idea. Fo' shizzle yall are already pimped out.


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