Saturday, September 29, 2007

UU ad campaign reaches Internal Monologue

This is pretty funny. As readers of this blog know, the Unitarian Universalists in the Bay Area have recently launched an ad campaignm. Some of the ads feature me and my family. (I just saw one of the posters with me on it in the El Cerrito Plaza BART station.) But of course, it's not just BART stations: there are TV commercials, NPR sponsorships, and, this being 2007, blog ads. Including this one I just saw:

Congratulations to whoever wrote the Google Adsense placement algorithm. (Though you have to balance this against all the times AdSense thought my readers would be interested in Ann Coulter books.) Unfortunately for the UU campaign, I think my readers have already heard quite a bit about Unitarian Universalism. So although this blog's readership is probably a good target demographically, I bet this ad would do better in front of people who've not yet heard of UUism. Any potentially interested IM reader has probably heard me jabber about it enough anyway.


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