Friday, October 27, 2006

51% of Americans support Impeachment

Newsweek/MSN has a startling finding from their poll:
Other parts of a potential Democratic agenda receive less support, especially calls to impeach Bush: 47 percent of Democrats say that should be a “top priority,” but only 28 percent of all Americans say it should be, 23 percent say it should be a lower priority and nearly half, 44 percent, say it should not be done.
OK, 28% of Americans say impeaching Bush should be a "top priority" and 23% say it should be a lower priority. Doesn't that mean that 51% of Americans support Bush's impeachment? Is that not a majority? Shouldn't the headline scream: MAJORITY OF AMERICANS SUPPORT BUSH IMPEACHMENT?
Thanks to other bloggers for pointing this out, including SSquirrel and The Talent Show:
But, it's sad when a major media outlet like Newsweek is consumed with playing the same song that they end up burying a lede like this[...]Now wait a second...doesn't 28% plus 23% equal 51%? I'd think that a poll showing the majority of Americans favor impeaching the President would be pretty newsworthy, especially considering that this far exceeds the numbers of a President that actually was impeached. If the majorities favoring impeachment and repealing Bush's tax cuts is how Newsweek defines "less support", then the GOP is in a lot more trouble that I thought. I still can't bring myself to start celebrating before the polls even open, but it's nice to hear.


Blogger Hank said...

absolutely true. did you know that almost 40% of americans believe that bush was not only negligent in allowing it to happen, but they were also complicent in its occurence?

8:07 AM, October 27, 2006  
Blogger Zachary Drake said...

Thanks for stopping by, Hank. I don't believe Bush was complicit in 9/11, but I certainly believe he was negligent, and reacted horribly.

10:43 AM, October 27, 2006  

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