Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Poor Wolf Blitzer: not immune to the slime machine

Wolf Blitzer is terribly and shocked and saddened that a Republican operative attacked his patriotism. This is really funny. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bush regime attacked Nathan Hale's patriotism ("You only had but one life to give for your country?!?! You must want the terrorists to win!!"). As usual, Greenwald has a great perspective:
But Wolf Blitzer isn't surprised and upset over Lynne Cheney's use of this "ally-of-the-terrorist" weapon. He's surprised and upset that she used it against him. He thought he was exempt, that he has proven to them through many years of obsequious and mindlessly glorifying "journalism" that he is a Good Boy, that he is one of them. It's one thing to label as "pro-terrorist" most national Democratic politicians, American citizens who oppose the war in Iraq, or anyone who criticizes the Commander-in-Chief in any meaningful way. To Blitzer, that is all fine and acceptable and to be expected.

But Blitzer is different. The Cheneys know him and know that he has shown his Loyalty. Why are they doing this to him?
Poor guy. I feel about Mr. Blitzer the sort of the way I felt about Roy of Sigfried and Roy when he got mauled by that tiger. Yes, it's bad. But what did you expect? What made you exempt?


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