Friday, October 06, 2006

Deceased Legendary Blues Artist on "No Fly" List?

Homeland security doesn't wan to let this man on a plane!

From Majikthise:
BS News [sic] has obtained a copy of the "no fly" list, a secret roster of suspected terrorists compiled after the attacks of September 11th. Among the 44,000 terror suspects: Bolivian president Evo Morales, the dead 9/11 hijackers, and everyone named "Robert Johnson:"
[emphasis added] If Robert Johnson is on the list, you better put his admirer Eric Clapton on there, too. If only Led Zeppelin knew they were covering a future terrorist. Apparently, "John Williams" is also on the list. I know the Star Wars movies have been annoying recently, but putting the theme music composer on the "no fly" list is hardly a proper remedy. (My idea is to file a class action lawsuit to have the Star Wars intellectual property siezed and turned over to someone who can write better dialogue. Lucas could still design cool looking creatures and spaceships and stuff.)

This "no-fly" list is pathetic. Can I just say there are some real idiots running Homeland Security? Isn't there some way for all the innocent Robert Johnsons to get their passport numbers scanned so that the TSA know that they aren't that Robert Johnson? Some heads need to roll. Kudos to 60 Minutes for shedding some light on this crap.


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