Thursday, October 19, 2006

CT Senate race gets even wackier

Whoda thunkit, but the Connecticut senate race just got even more wacky and interesting. Kos has a good post. And this is how interesting Matt Stoller over at MyDD thinks the race is:
You know you're in an incredible political environment when you're at an event where egomaniac Ralph Nader is wandering around, and not only is no one paying attention to him, but Ralph Nader himself doesn't even expect anyone to pay attention to him.


It's not your normal white picket fence suburban election, with attack ad facing attack ad. No, this is more like a white picket fence election that suddenly gets bored with life and decides to live in the forest, take a bunch of LSD, trout-fish naked, and taunt a bear cub before ending its life suddenly and with total and inexplicable resolution on November 7. Well not really, but there's no analogy that I can think of summarizing what's going on. What has happened is that Joe Lieberman competed in a Democratic primary, lost, and is now competing in a Republican primary, and is losing again.
It turns out the Republican candidate, Alan Schlesinger, who has been completely silenced and unsupported by the Republican party, is refusing to be a "team player" and is laying into Lieberman with a vengeance. (Note that this is all second hand; I haven't seen the two debates.) He even ganged up on Joementum with Ned at one point:
Schlesinger: If you had someone doing a job for eighteen years, and after eighteen years, their record was one of complete failure, what would you do? What do you think should happen with that person?. . . Ned, you're a businessman: what would you say about someone like that?

Lamont: I'd say, "It's time to go, Joe!"

Lieberman thought he could be the Republican candidate, and is shocked to find himself slammed from the right. What this means politically of course is that if Schlesinger can pick up a few percentage points from Lieberman, he could easily throw the race to Lamont. Of course, if he picks up more than a few percentage points, Lieberman and Lamont could end up splitting the Democratic/Independent vote and he could eek out some sort of slim victory (extraordinarily unlikely, but at this point, who's to say?). Either way, it looks bad for Lieberman.

The Kos post has a great quote from the comments section of the MyDD article:
How often do you get a three-way race in which the Democrat is supporting the Republican while fighting against the Democratic infrastructure, the Republican party is supporting the liberal New England Jew instead of the right-wing millionaire, and the Republican nominee is running against the Republican party?
Cue the circus music, support Lamont, and enjoy the show. After that shameful military tribunals bill, it's good to have something fun to watch.


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