Saturday, October 04, 2008

2001: A Retro Web Odyssey

Sure, if you Google "Zachary Drake" today you get all sorts of hits. But what was my web presence back in 2001? Well, in honor of Google's 10th anniversary, they are putting their oldest available index (Jan 2001) online. I only show up three times: once for a project I did at the Army High Performance Computing Research Center (yeah, I interned for the military industrial complex), once on the page of my sketch comedy group in college, and one mention in my college newspaper. The other Zachary Drakes aren't me. The most prominent "Zachary Drake" at the time was a sketch of a fantasy character by one Nicholas Schaffner, who I hope will forgive me for stealing it and reproducing it here:

image copyright Nicholas Schaffner

Go ahead and retro Google yourself. Or other people.

Guess who had no web presence in 2001? Sarah Palin. (HT: Feministing)


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