Tuesday, October 21, 2008

McCain supporters denounce Obama slime peddlers

Here's a great video: There's a guy at a McCain-Palin event yelling about how Obama is a Muslim and a Socialist. He has bumper stickers that associate Obama's name with the Islamic crescent symbol and the Soviet hammer and sickle. The McCain supporters who are there denounce the guy and his associates, and an official representative of the McCain campaign explicitly disowns him. The McCain supporters, some of whom are Muslim and some of whom identify as Christian conservatives are quite upset with the bumper sticker people, and get them to leave. (HT: The Confabulum, a site where a number of next-generation conservatives gather).

More like that please! And I want to be hearing it from McCain and Palin themselves. If they showed the same character that their supporters in this video showed, it would raise them in my estimation a great deal. By all indications, they're going to lose, but they can still stir up a lot of trouble that could result in people getting hurt. For the good of the country, put these insinuations about Obama definitively to rest.

I'm not optimistic that the McCain campaign will do this. And even if they did, it wouldn't make up for all the slime they pushed so far. But it might let them salvage some shred of dignity. And it would be good for our country.


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