Sunday, October 19, 2008

McCain thinks America is being taken over by fake people

The latest doozy from the McCain campaign is this: one of McCain's top surrogates, Nancy Pfotenhauer, claimed that northern Virginia (close to Washington DC) is not real Virginia. Even when the reporter invited her to retract that statement, she stuck with it:

This has led to a good deal of mockery from the lefty blogs, including this from tremayne on Open Left:

Barack Obama has surged into the lead in the superficial parts of the United States. For example, he is solidly ahead along the Pacific coast which is comprised of newer "fancy" states. Obama is also ahead in the phony Great Lakes states and the equally inauthentic states of the Northeast. Not surprisingly, Obama is popular in the D.C. area and in much of Virginia.

In real Virginia, however, John McCain is dominant. McCain is authentic and naturally his message resonates with real Americans. Other parts of real America include: Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky (well most of it), Tennessee, South Carolina and the gulf coast states. In fact, there's a whole stack of genuine states above Texas extending vertically all the way to North Dakota (where things get iffy). And of course Idaho, Utah and Wyoming have almost no fake people in them.

Unfortunately for McCain the courts have consistently ruled that superficial people have almost as much a right to vote as the authentic ones. And right now the authentic people appear to be outnumbered.

And this from Jed L on DailyKos:


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