Monday, October 27, 2008

McCain-Palin: every maverick for themselves!

Apparently, Sarah Palin is so mavericky she's no longer touting McCain's talking points:

TAMPA, Florida (CNN) – Ensuring that news of the Republican National Committee's sartorial spending spree will remain in the headlines for at least one more news cycle, Sarah Palin on Sunday sounded off on the $150,000 wardrobe that was purchased for her in September, denouncing the report as "ridiculous" and declaring emphatically: "Those clothes, they are not my property."

A senior adviser to John McCain told CNN's Dana Bash that the comments about her wardrobe "were not the remarks we sent to her plane this morning."
(via Sullivan) The fact that Palin would ignore what the McCain campaign is instructing her to do, and that a senior adviser to McCain would dish about this to a reporter shows just how out of control the Republican in-fighting has become. It's been quite a spectacle on the blogs. This NYT Magazine piece goes into quite a bit of detail about the McCain campaign.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Should The top management of the Public listed company be responsible for the company performance, eg company nearly get wind up?

Are you a Partisan?

Should they give their view......? If any party did not give their views, send it to their supporter to question them....

6:38 PM, October 27, 2008  

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