Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quinn has Fragile X

I haven't mentioned this on Internal Monologue yet, but it's time my readers know that my two year old son Quinn has fragile X syndrome, a currently incurable genetic condition that causes mental retardation, developmental delay, and low muscle tone. Much of my readership knows about this already, and we thank you for all your words and deeds of support and encouragement.

Sarah and I have a separate blog about it, Love and Survival with Fragile X. I'll be posting most of the fragile X-related material there, while Internal Monologue will continue to cover the subjects it has in the past. LSFX is a much more personal, emotional space for us, so I'll probably be keeping things separate there except for this post and the link in the sidebar.

Quinn continues to be a wonderful, happy, friendly, cute, and for the most part healthy little guy. We hope he has a community who will support and look out for him. We don't want his fragile X syndrome diagnosis to overwhelm his identity, or ours. But it is an enormous reality in all of our lives, and it's time I shared it with my readers. If you want to take a peek at the joys and sorrows, head on over.


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