Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hamsher on Saddam's execution

Greenwald links to Jane Hamsher's take on Saddam's Execution:
[...]Any sympathy I might feel for Saddam's plight would find him standing at the end of a very long line of victims of this war, and it's not even an abhorrance of the death penalty that moves me today (although I most certainly feel that this is nothing a civilized nation has any place engaging in). That sickened feeling in my stomach seems to mark some kind of new low to which we have fallen, murder as PR to inch the arctic approval ratings of the pathalogical boy king and his disastrous war incrementally upward. Codpiece justice and death-as-photo-op reign supreme. Perhaps this is just the last, gruesome swan song of a morally bankrupt right wing as it exits center stage, the perverse final chorus it sings in its death throes.

It is nonetheless hideous to behold.

That pretty much captures how I feel about it. Even one of the good things to come from this disasterous war, the fall and capture of Saddam Hussein, has ended in a ridiculous show trial with a forgone conclusion. It's sad, because a just and fair trial would have certainly found him guilty.

Maybe some clever American general or politician will be able to use this to convince Bush that we can get our troops out of there now. "Sir, now that Hussein is dead our job in Iraq is done and we can bring the troops home with honor." Bullshit, of course. There's no reason Hussein's execution should have any effect on whether we stay or not. But if the reasons we're there are stupid lies, why not have the reason we leave be a stupid lie, too? Anything to convince our derranged boy-king that ending our participation in the Iraq debacle won't cause his penis to shrink is fine by me.


Anonymous Bill in Minneapolis said...

Yes, I agree. The execution evokes in me a deep sense of sadness and no sense that justice has been done by the U.S. in Iraq.

The term 'boy-king' captures the essence of Bush's reign.

9:32 PM, December 31, 2006  

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