Monday, May 21, 2007

In this case, Justice is also mute...

Apparently, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has only spoken 281 words during oral arguments since October 2004, when the court began identifying individual justices in its transcripts (HT: C&L). That's a whopping rate of 1.29 words per hour of oral argument. The last time Thomas asked a question was over a year ago on Feb 22, 2006. I know Supreme Court Justices have duties aside from participating in oral arguments. But that is the public face of their work. Would it kill the guy to ask a lawyer a question or two now and again?

No More Mister Nice Blog speculates why this might be the case. I suspect it's because Thomas isn't that great a justice and doesn't really have much to say that his fellow right-wingers can't say better. But NMMNB does make the following pertinent inquiry:
...[W]hat was it about George Bush the Elder? Why did he stick us with so many people who can't put two sentences together? Dan Quayle. Clarence Thomas. His namesake son. Is it because he couldn't talk very well, either? It's like a cheap horror movie in which a sick mad scientist tries to infest the population with carriers of his own disease.


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