Thursday, May 31, 2007

Withdrawal, Withdrawal, I love you, Withdrawal...'re always six months away! Atrios is doing a great favor for all of us by marking his calendar whenever a politician says we'll be able to withdraw from Iraq at some future date. Here's one that just came due:
One senior Republican adviser says Bush has "until April or May" to improve things in Iraq. If he cannot, he could face a GOP rebellion that could result in reductions in spending for the conflict and legislation to start bringing the troops home.
Is there a GOP rebellion in the works? All I hear are chirping crickets... Here's another one, this time from Iraq's Prime Minister:
AMMAN, Jordan - Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Thursday that his country's forces would be able to assume security command by June 2007 — which could allow the United States to start withdrawing its troops.

"I cannot answer on behalf of the U.S. administration but I can tell you that from our side our forces will be ready by June 2007," Maliki told ABC television after meeting President Bush on Thursday in Jordan.
Can we get out of there already? They day of reckoning will never come if we leave it up to the "sensible" folks in Washington. How many times must the football be yanked away before they stop trying to kick it?


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