Monday, July 31, 2006

Belts for Youth

I was thinking of starting a charity called "Belts for Youth" that would raise money to purchase belts for young males, many of whom seem so destitute that they can't afford belts and thus their baggy pants fall down in a most embarrassing manner. But it seems that any such move would earn me the ire of police departments everywhere. According to this post on Rhetoric & Rhythm that quotes the Wall Street Journal, the police seem to like this sorry state of sartorial affairs:
Baggy Pants Often Trip Up Thieves
Perpetrators wearing low-slung, baggy pants fairly regularly get tripped up in their getaways, a development that has given amused police officers and law-abiding citizens a welcome edge in the fight against crime.


Just about every week, Jim Matheny, a 41-year-old police lieutenant in Stamford, Conn., says he gets into a foot chase with youths. He says it’s getting easier to capture them because they can’t run fast or far in those loose jeans.
“When I catch them, I tell them they’d do much better if they had pants that fit,” he says. “It’s like: ‘Hey dude, buy a belt and save yourself some trouble.’”


Anonymous Sarah said...

I think this would make an excellent 501c3. Where's the website?

8:56 AM, August 01, 2006  

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