Thursday, July 27, 2006

You know wingnut hatemongers are desperate when...

...they accuse Bill Clinton of...get ready for this, it's really good. Pause for a moment and think of the Bill Clinton smear least likely to stick and maybe you'll come up with it...OK, here it is:

...being gay.

(HT: Sullivan) Yes, it's true. Ann Coulter claims Bill Clinton has latent homosexual tendencies:

DEUTSCH: OK, say it on air.

Ms. COULTER: I think that sort of rampant promiscuity does show some level of latent homosexuality.

DEUTSCH: OK, I think you need to say that again. That Bill Clinton, you think on some level, has — is a latent homosexual, is that what you’re saying?

Ms. COULTER: Yeah. I mean, not sort of just completely anonymous — I don’t know if you read the Starr report, the rest of us were glued to it, I have many passages memorized. No, there was more plot and dialogue in a porno movie.
Poor woman. I guess she had to shift to something other than bashing 9/11 widows. I do feel bad about linking to her words, because I know she thrives on attention from the ridiculous crap she says. But this one reeks of such sheer desperation that I felt I couldn't pass it up. Bill Clinton gay? There's been a huge industry of Bill Clinton hatred in this country for quite some time, but I've never heard anyone come up with that one before. And to think this woman is still invited to be on "serious" talk shows.


Anonymous Justin said...

There is no way he's gay.

But I could totally see bi.

9:55 PM, July 27, 2006  
Blogger Zachary Drake said...

OK, maybe he's bi. Could Coulter be right on this? That would be funny.

But her reasoning is completely strange: because he's so promiscuous, he must be gay, because presumably no hetero man would be so promiscuous. That's insane. So in Coulterworld, the more women a man's had sex with, the more likely he's gay?

Anyway, enough trying to make sense of her.

10:03 AM, July 28, 2006  

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