Saturday, July 29, 2006

NY Times to endorse Lamont in CT Senate race

DailyKos has it on the front page. I think this is good for the Lamont campaign, as Lieberman has been getting a lot of "establishment" endorsements recently. This might counter some of the Lieberman spin that Lamont is from way out in left-field (which is ridiculous of course: Lamont is a lot more in sync with CT voters on many important issues). But ultimately, I think the CT primary race will be more determined by get-out-the-vote operations and Lieberman's pro-war and pro-Bush stances than by the parade of folks and publications coming in and giving endorsements (whether they be Bill Clinton, Kos, or the NYT. Or Internal Monologue, for that matter).

If you know Dem folks in CT, I urge you to urge them to vote for Lamont. Otherwise, you can donate here.


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