Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Digby on debt

I agree with digby that this is an issue that could create a lot of energy for any candidate (Dem or Repub) willing to take on the credit card industry:
I've long felt that this was one of the most potent political issues that nobody ever talks about. It was the main reason why I thought those Democrats who supported the Bankruptcy Bill were prostituting themselves so cheaply when you considered the stakes for ordinary people --- and the political bounty for those who have the imagination and the will to take it on:
Slacktivist had a great post on this subject a while back which I linked to from here. This is a big issue that has pocketbook resonance for a huge number of people. I bet we all know someone who has had trouble with debt, if we haven't ourselves. I think it's the sort of bread and butter thing that could make a difference in an election. Of course, extremely wealthy interests are pushing from the opposite side. But I bet a skillful campaign could really make the credit card companies out to be scummy bad guys who were just given a big handout with the recent Bankruptcy Bill. I think it wouldn't be too hard to paint those in the pay of the credit industry as preadators on the hard working folk of America (because it's largely true).


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