Wednesday, July 26, 2006

"Run, run for your political lives..."

...away from Bush, if you want to get elected. The Republican Senate candidate from Maryland would rather Bush not campaign for him (HT: Sullivan, as usual):
Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele's Senate campaign acknowledged yesterday that he was the anonymous candidate quoted by a Washington Post political reporter as saying that being a Republican was like wearing a "scarlet letter" and that he did not want President Bush to campaign for him this fall.


Asked whether he would invite Bush to campaign for him, he replied, considering Bush's low approval rating in Maryland, "to be honest with you, probably not."
Of course, this is Maryland, which apparently enjoys a 2 to 1 Democratic advantage in registered voters. So its not too surprising. Still, it's fun to see Bush treated as radioactive and the label "Republican" treated like a stigma by a Republican, no less. Implosion and self-destruction for the GOP And none too soon. I hope something recognizably American emerges from the ashes. Wouldn't it be fun to argue with someone about a policy issue, instead of wondering what looney alternate universe they're operating in? I'm sick and tired of banging my head against Republican denial of reality (e.g. "Iraq is going well").


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