Sunday, November 19, 2006

Creeping theocracy watch: the Keroack appointment

I like tristero's take on Hullabaloo:
Y'gotta hand it to Sacha Baron Cohen. He really is as brilliant and daring a comic as everyone says he is. Fresh off the spectacular success of "Borat," Cohen posed as an utterly deranged abstinence-only rightwinger and managed, apparently, to get himself hired by the Bush administration to oversee the only federal program that oversees family planning!
Kudos, Sacha! You haven't lost your touch. That such an obvious fake could get himself hired by the Bush administration really goes to show how utterly clueless they are. And how good you, Sacha, are at slipping into these preposterous characters.

Oh. Omigod. Wait a minute...
Digby and Feministing have more on what sounds like an atrocious appointment. Anyone who thinks the wingnut fundies aren't a political force that needs to be fought constantly isn't awake to what the hell is going on. I hope we'll see more oversight from the new Democratic Congress, but the executive is still completely in the thrall of people who, to put it generously, have a very different way of thinking about health issues than the readership of this blog.


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