Sunday, November 19, 2006

GQ Interviews Al Gore; is he running?

Get your Gore porn here. (HT: Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy). Another interesting Gore article is this one from, which lists some advantages Gore has (e.g. The Illusion of Incumbency), and has this handy guide to figure out whether Gore is really running for prez or not:

HOW TO TELL GORE IS RUNNING (OR, IT'S THE WEIGHT, STUPID): When Al Gore started to run for the presidency in 2000, he was thin. By the time the race was over, he had gained a lot of weight (like Clinton in 1992), and then he kept on gaining weight in the months after the election. (Who could blame him?) He also grew a beard.

However, by December of 2002, by the time he announced he was not running for the presidency in 2004, he had slimmed down again. That meant that he had strongly considered running, was getting himself into presidential trim and then decided against it.

Big Al is back to being pretty big right now, or at least he was a few months ago when he was going around promoting An Inconvenient Truth. But if he shows up on TV six months from now, looking 40 pounds lighter while promoting The Assault on Reason, then get ready, he's running.

ANOTHER WAY TO TELL IF GORE IS RUNNING: An Inconvenient Truth will probably be nominated for an Oscar. It's the third highest grossing documentary in history and the most successful documentary of 2006. It will probably win. If you see a chubby, happy Al Gore standing next to the producer and director, celebrating the win at the Oscars, forget it, he's not running. Nothing to do with Hollywood plays well in the heartland (except the movies themselves). The cultural resentment of Hollywood is almost pathological in certain sections of the country. However, if Gore chooses not to be there -- if he's at the spa that day -- then you can take it to the bank. Big Al's running.


Blogger soxwatch said...

Al Gore was interviewed on the film last week. Check it out at:

2:33 PM, November 19, 2006  
Blogger Zachary Drake said...

Thanks soxwatch. That was a good little interview piece.

3:57 AM, November 21, 2006  

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