Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's his party (the CT for Lieberman party)

This is pretty frickin' funny. One John Orman, a professor of politics, actually went to a CT registrar's office and attempted to officially switch his voter registration to "Connecticut for Lieberman". Since he's the first person to do so, he considers himself the only person actually in the CT for Lieberman party:
Although that switch isn’t official yet, Orman waggishly proceeded to convene a one-man party organizational meeting and elected himself "chairman."

Chairman Orman also passed some rules for the party, including one requiring that, "If you run under Connecticut for Lieberman, you must actually join our party."

Another of his tongue-in-cheek party rules reads as follows: "If any CFL candidate loses our party’s nomination in a primary, that candidate must bolt our party, form a new party and work to defeat our party-endorsed candidate."

Sounds like Orman is having a blast.


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