Friday, September 29, 2006

Calm down on torture and imprisonment?

My Left Wing has a different take on the shameful bill that recently passed the Senate. Here are some of the main points:
All this bill is, is an utterly MEANINGLESS piece of kabuki theater.
1) Congress has NO authority to decide if these things are legal or not. That's up to the COURTS to decide.
2) The torture is happening the same, regardless of whether this bill passes or not. ...
3) Bush cannot claim retroactive immunity based on Unconstitutional law.
4) A Democratic congress will easily reverse this bill.
It's worth taking a look at the whole post. Thereisnospoon has a good point. We shouldn't let this shameful grandstanding distract us from the major political fight right now, which is getting as many Democrats elected to congress as possible. Still, I disagree that people shouldn't be angry about this bill. Whether or not it's constitutional or meaningful, it still reflects the moral direction of the country, which is pretty sick. I wonder what international reaction to this will be. If I have time I'll poke around and get some foreign reaction, but it's likely I won't have time.


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