Monday, September 25, 2006

Liquids and gels back on airplanes

(HT: Sullivan) But only if you buy them in the airport:
He said that most liquids and gels that air travelers purchase in secure areas of airports will now be allowed on planes. He called the new procedures a "common sense" approach that would maintain a high level of security at airports but ease conditions for passengers.

That means that after passengers go through airport security checkpoints, they can purchase liquids at airport stores and take them onto their planes. The new procedures go into effect on Tuesday, Hawley said.
When I put on my tinfoil hat, I wonder how much the airport vendor lobbyists had to do with this. Seems like a reasonable compromise, though. Or more reasonable than the previous rule, anyway. Sullivan thinks this particular London plot was probably "hyped for political purposes", and I agree. I'd go further and say that the whole airline terrorism threat is highly overblown. Indeed, the entire "War on Terror" is overblown, though I do think we need to take the weapons of mass destruction scenario seriously, especially as the technology proliferates. But keeping nukes out of Al-Qaeda's hands has nothing to do with bringing orange juice with me when visiting mom. Now I can, I'll just have to pay more.


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