Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Iran's best friend: Bush

OK, I'm going to complain about Iran: Given all we've done for them recently, they should like us more. We toppled hostile regimes in two neighboring countries (Taliban in Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein in Iraq), and are now spending lots of money and lots of troops to prop up a friendly regime in Iraq. We've improved their strategic position enormously, and of course continue to fund them through vast amounts of oil consumption. Really, Despite Bush's "axis of evil" rhetoric, Iran has no greater friend than this administration. Maybe there's a secret pro-Iranian lobby group influencing US policy.

Iran's Ahmadinejad and Iraq's Maliki: feel the love

Glen Greenwald's most recent post and this one from Tuesday have a lot on the recent Iran-Iraq festival of love, and the incoherence of the US supporting the Maliki regime in Iraq but opposing the Khamenei/Ahmadinejad regime in Iran. Why they punditocracy's heads aren't exploding with the utter stupidity and self-contradictory shoot-ourselves-in-the-foot-ness of the Bush administration's Iraq and Iran policies is a great mystery. You shouldn't have to read blogs to learn this kind of stuff. (To be fair to the MSM, Tim Russert did ask Dick Cheney about this in this interview that Greenwald links to).


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