Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Keith Olbermann on 9/11

It's great to see a media figure speak the truth to the Bush administration. 5 years later, the World Trade Center site is still a hole in the ground. Here's the video, via Taylor Marsh.

I don't really know what to say on this anniversary. I worry about our fetishization of this event. It strikes me as too much like the South chewing over its defeat in the Civil War, or the Shia celebration of their leader's defeat in the centuries-old schism that produced the divisions that burn with violence to this day. But the shock and grief are real. I'm sad they've been politicized and poisoned by this administration. I'd like to feel I can put forward some token of remembrance, of grief, of respect for the dead, without at the same time contributing to an atmosphere of self-justification and blind lashing out. I don't want to feed sentiments which get corralled by people to twist the path of this nation to serve their profit and their mind-warped plans. I'd like to remember those moments and actions in which we did really come together as a nation.

I like Andrew Sullivan's way of marking the day: posting items which show defiance against everything Al Qaeda stands for. Here's one that quotes Thomas Jefferson. There are many more.


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