Friday, September 15, 2006

Reid says no to warrantless wiretapping

Looks like Bush will be rebuked by the Senate, thank goodness. As usual, Glenn Greenwald has the details:
Sen. Reid stated flatly and unequivocally -- and I'm paraphrasing -- that the Specter bill was not going anywhere, that it would not be enacted. I then asked him how he could be so certain about that -- specifically, I asked where the 51 votes against the Specter bill would come from in light of the support it enjoys from both the White House and at least some of the ostensibly "independent" Republicans, exacerbated by the fact that all 10 Republicans on the Judiciary Committee voted in favor of it yesterday (at least they voted in favor of sending it to the Senate floor).

In response, Sen. Reid explained that our system does not allow every bill to be enacted simply because a majority supports it, that Senate rules allow minority rights to be protected, clearly alluding to a filibuster.
There's more on the Kos front page. I'm happy for two reasons: one, because the executive should not be able to spy on people without a warrant, and two, because this is part of a broader pattern of resistance to the Bush administration from both Democrats and even some Republicans that is long overdue. Bush and his crew are reckless, unpopular radicals and they should be treated that way by all.


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