Friday, September 29, 2006

Lieberman: pro-torture, but against violence in video games

It's funny to recall how Lieberman worked himself up into a moral tizzy about video game violence back in the 90's, but today voted to allow the Bush administration to torture people. OK, technically he voted for a bill that included provisions allowing the Bush administration to determine what acts constitute a violation of the Geneva Conventions, but given what we know about the Bush administration that basically means allowing them to torture.)

Atrios has the appropriate reaction:
A hideous human being, a disgusting moralist who is morally bankrupt...Today Joe voted for torture. A sick and twisted man, obsessed with his own image and his desire for Tim Russert's love. One of David Broder's Wise Old Men, one who hates the constitution, human rights, and the rule of law.
The same could be said of the other 64 in the "yea" column, but Lieberman is supposed to be so "principled" and "moral". And he used to be a Democrat. We need to rid the senate of him. Support Lamont.

It's gross to change my son's dirty diaper, but seeing the shit stains on our country's moral soul inspires far a disgust far more profound.

And by the way, Iraq is spiralling further into hell (HT: Sullivan).


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