Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Olbermann shows how we should be talking about Bush

Via Crooks and Liars, Keith Olbermann lays into Bush like never before (they have the video). Olberman's reacting to this Bill Clinton ambush on FOX news that Clinton turned around and make Chris Wallace look like a chump. He thanks Clinton for calling Bush and his minions on this anti-Clinton revisionist history we've been seeing recently. And he calls Bush a coward.

Now one can read this kind of rhetoric in the progosphere all the time, but there's a great sense of uplift to hear this come from a news anchor on a prominent mainstream cable network. I'm tired of Bush getting the kid glove treatment. Someone needs to call him the corrupt criminal he is. It's so refreshing to hear Keith's special comments. Why aren't more TV pundits willing to go into this territory? I understand that these editorials are increasing his popularity a good deal.


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