Saturday, June 24, 2006

Guess who else wants a timetable: Iraq's government!

According to this article in the Telegraph (HT: DarkSyde on Kos), the Iraqi government (the one that we fought to have democratically elected) is going to “offer a timetable for American troop withdrawal, stop US operations targeting insurgents, and clamp down on violations of human rights abuses, according to a 28-page deal reported by the Times.”

Well. I guess the Iraqi government that we expended so much blood, effort, and money to set up didn’t get its talking point list from Rove this week. Don’t they know that a timetable “wouldn’t do any good”? They must be a bunch of defeatists!

If this breach between Republican delusion and Iraqi reality doesn’t become a major shitstorm in the mainstream American media, I’ll officially sign up for the blogger revolution (but I guess maybe I already have). Let’s see what tomorrows New York Times will bring.

But wait! There’s more! The Iraqi government is also planning to offer amnesty to Sunni insurgents who are willing to lay down their arms. This is something the US Senate passed one of those grandstanding non-binding resolutions against.

Digby thought this Amnesty offer by the Iraqi government was a bad idea, too. And I agree it might be a bad idea, and said so in the comments section of that post. But I also said that Iraq is its own country, and gets to make its own decisions, doesn’t it? Even if it means bursting the Bush administration’s bubble of denial. I understand why American soldiers might be pissed that the Iraqi government might be granting Amnesty to those who are trying to kill them. But if I were the Iraqi government, I’d gladly trade the ire of the Sunnis (who will always be around, barring genocide) for the ire of the Americans (who will be gone eventually) any day of the week.


Anonymous Justin said...

Air America was railing against the idea of such amnesty. But really, isn't some sort of amnesty or another required for any war to end?

9:37 AM, June 24, 2006  

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