Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Puritanical Hypocricy Watch

If thinking about our government’s practice of torture has got you down, let’s switch of a more cheerful topic: Republican sexual hypocricy. It turns out that three Republican front-runners for the 2008 presidential nomination are confirmed adulterers! In some mystical, distant past I might have said, “Ah, but that wouldn’t affect their job performance, so it really shouldn’t be a campaign issue.” But if the New York Times is going to salivate at the prospect of “reporting” on the Clinton’s sex life, I think it’s only fair that Republicans get some scrutiny in this area too. What’s the puritanical crowd going to think of their Republican leaders? Will they hypocritically overlook it, or will they puritanically savage them? I think the Democrats and the Progosphere need to shed some light on these issues, if only to inoculate our side against these kinds of attacks. If it doesn’t matter, that’s fine (and that’s the way it should be), but if it’s going to matter for the Clinton, it matters for McCain, Giuliani, and Gingrich, too.


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