Friday, June 23, 2006

A guest blogger candidate?

Grishnash is frickin’ great. Yes, he’s also one of my closest friends. We’ve known each other since first grade. From the comments sections of this very blog:

On Ann-Adolf:
The rule that got me 13/14 was that the more well-written ones were Hitler.
On The Pledge:
I wonder if they'll want the Pledge banned if they ever figure out it was written by a Socialist.
Dude, that is a meme that so needs to be more widespread. FLAG PLEDGERS ARE COMMIES!!! I had heard this, but had forgotten it.

On Iraq-Al Qaeda:
Oh, but it's even better than that... That tenuous tie to al-Qaida in Saddam's Iraq? Turns out the worst of them were operating unmolested in the Northern No-Fly Zone. Why didn't Saddam shut them down? Because we would have bombed any forces he sent in there into oblivion. Why didn't we bomb them when we knew where they were? Because we needed there to be terrorists in Iraq when we invaded.

If the administration is looking for a good justification for another war, I suggest we invade Cuba and overthrow Castro to end the human rights violations in Guantanamo.


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