Friday, June 23, 2006

Trackback, Trackback to where you once belonged...

Atrios asks a great question: Why don’t Republicans Want the War to End? Maybe it’s because it’s a great excuse to push their agenda, or at least distracts/rallies people enough so they can get away with pushing their agenda.

For some sad reason, Atrios no longer has trackbacks on his blog. So of course I’ll be linking to him less. For anyone who’s looked at my Site Meter statistics referrals section knows, most of my traffic comes from me putting trackbacks on infinitely more popular sites. Indeed, I could rename Internal Monologue “Mooching off Andrew Sullivan” and I wouldn’t be that far off. So if you want me to link to you, enable trackbacks. I should get around to doing trackbacks on my site, too, so people can then mooch off of me. Andrew Sullivan’s site is great, because he doesn’t have comments. So if people want to know how others have responded to his posts, they have to click on the trackbacks.


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