Wednesday, June 28, 2006

War Nerd is an amoral sicko, not a Bushist

If Bush/Iraq War/Torture supporters are seriously quoting War Nerd to back up their positions, they need to get a clue.


Blogger grishnash said...

It somehow makes sense, though, that if you continue to insulate yourself from facts and reality that don't agree with your personal preferences that it dulls your ability to detect sarcasm and satire. Hence the glowing praise of late by Bushies for Colbert and now the War Nerd.

I think War Nerd is doing a great service, however, and I'd certainly like to see him in charge of our military policy versus the current crew. The idea that we could have a nice, clean, brief counter-insurgency war just for the hell of it, and it would be a benefit to our country is just so beyond ridiculous. It's like going into a pet store and asking to see the indoor rhinocerous that will best match the decor of your studio apartment. I can't help but think that had someone been thinking of the historical record beforehand, the invasion plan would never have survived cost-benefit analysis. And a lot fewer people would have been cowed into supporting it had the proponents been upfront from the beginning with the reality that we would eventually be resorting to retaliatory civilian massacres just to attempt to hold our ground.

Plus, he used the analogy of the sampan scene, which I've been saying for about 3 years now.

10:08 AM, June 28, 2006  

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