Saturday, June 17, 2006

Money or Nuthin' (I want my VLWC)

From via Unclaimed Territory, here’s a lament about one of the missing links in the desperately needed left-wing counter-mobilization: big money Liberal donors taking media infrastructure seriously. Robert Parry’s piece on is particularly despondent about Liberal donors not “getting media”.

I hope that the building blocks of the much needed vast left-wing conspiracy will come into place soon. I think the progblog (progressive blogosphere) is a very important building block: it provides energy, a factory of ideas, a fast reaction force against lies, and a source of funding. But it needs to get connected to the larger media world of television and newspapers. It needs to be energized by enthusiastic wealthy donors and foundations. And it needs to be supported by think tanks, training programs, and policy institutes. We can’t afford to stumble along on our own anymore. And we can’t wait for the mainstream media to suddenly wake up and start telling our story. The right wing certainly didn’t. We can’t just be more right than our political opponents, we must be more convincing, and we must win.


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