Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Liberal schadenfreude: Rush busted for Viagra

Rush Limbaugh smuggling unprescribed Viagra in from the Dominican Republic? A virtuous character like him would never do something as comical and dumb as that, would he? Well, he did admit to being addicted to pain killers, and has been arrested before on drug-related charges. Taylor Marsh points to this story and asks: “What does that do to his plea deal?” Commenters say it invalidates the deal. Of course, he could have brought the Viagra with him into the Dominican Republic, and only got caught bringing it back into the US. Taylor also asks, “Oh, and one more thing, what the hell was Rush doing in the Dominican Republic? My sex trade investigation nose is twitching, Samantha.”

Is it bad that I am enjoying the misfortune of another human being? Yes it is bad. Bad Liberal! <smack>. But I’m still smiling, so I must be a very, very bad boy.

Tell you what, Rush, you join the Drug Policy Alliance and rail against the stupidity of the drug war on your radio show, and I’ll forgive you for all your drug related indiscretions and criminal activity. (And I’ll command all my lefty blogger venom-dripping rabid soldier bunnies to do the same, because I am actually Markos Zuniga and I control the entire progosphere from my mind control station here at Internal Monologue. Daily Kos was just a diversion to throw the wingnuts off my trail.)


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